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A young writer drifting in these world full of scattered knowledge to find inspiration and write a piece that is worth reading.

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Hey you! I appreciate all your good deeds and hard works because you are making a good change in the world through your good deeds.


June 12, 2019

What is this I am seeing, am I dreaming or am I in another world where there is not a sign of sunlight, fresh air, greenery, living being and burning smoky smell I am getting is making me nauseous . I cried out of desperation “This can’t be the end of the world.”

“Beep beep beep”

The alarm clock goes off and I woke up yet after another nightmare or living in a parallel universe much like earth but in its destroyed form. My mind is in a deep dark whole, the morning light seems not strong enough to brighten my mind.
 I only have two friends in this world Martha and Robin. Martha always talks so practically and is a realist. On the other hand Robin is just here on earth to goof around and live in a wonderland. Such different minds together make up for a great argument. And me? I have learnt to become silent, because I am always in a world that is in my mind. I feel as if I don’t belong in this ordinary life, if I share this with Martha and Robin surely I will become the topic of a good laugh.
Its night again, I don’t want to fall asleep but a sudden whisper in the air is forcing me to fall asleep. Before my eyelids shut I see a ball of dazzling white blaze.

I am in the forest again. But outside this forest ; What is it I am hearing? It’s sounds like a war. The voice inside my head is telling me to walk in a certain direction. My body is heavy, I can’t move but the voice is strong it’s soon going to take control over me. I was trying to process everything out when suddenly few fighter jets ran over my head and a group of armed men from far away is coming in my direction, in haste I followed what the voice directed. I strongly closed my eyes and snapped my finger and the whole war seems to have stopped. Time stood still the group of men and the fighter jets all seem frozen. At this moment the voice told me to be quick and find the cave, without wasting a moment I ran in the direction it told me to. I could feel the time would soon resume, I didn’t freeze the time forever. In nervous steps and baffled mind I was running, I kept having flashbacks of war. I don’t know what this war is about but the thought of bloodshed and destruction everywhere is making my heart rip apart. I tripped, I think I got an ankle sprain. I can’t walk, heavy tears pouring down my eyes. Where are you the voice in my head?  Help me please. When suddenly time started running again, explosion and outcry of war began. My heart pumped so fast it is going to come out breaking the ribcage. Using my arms I dragged myself. Trying to snap my fingers hoping magic happens but nothing happened. A white dazzling blaze re-appeared, it went inside my heart. I felt a warm and burning sensation, within a few minutes blood rushed along my veins with mighty force. I felt astoundingly powerful. Now I could run with the speed of light. I am not scared anymore. I saw a black opening, with its mouth all covered in overgrown bushes and tree brunches. The voice with strong roar told me to go inside it. With all my power I tore into the cave. It is pitch black in here. My eyes suddenly shut strong, when I opened my eyes I was gifted night vision. Whatever magical energy controlling me right now sure wants me to keep going. The cave seems like it never had a visitor. Its damp slippery walls and floor make it risky to walk because anytime I could fall and get my bones cracked. I was walking carefully, the deeper I dived the more suffocating and narrow it got. Something strangled with my leg and it’s pulling me, soon I fell down and my head stroke the floor. I was being dragged and lost my consciousness .
Everything is blurry; my head hurts badly; lying on the floor; trying my best to seek through everything that happened to bring me here. This is not a nightmare anymore, I am in a different world. Something is shining over that rocky arrangement, it is calling me towards it. My body is numb yet I try limping close to it. It’s a book! a sacred book. With gold it is written “ The end of times”, hairs on my skin rose. The words of the book was said , “Humans passed their good times, what was once blessed to them; the world; would now be taken away from them. They forgot their ethics, morality and  become like their ancestors; barbaric. I guided them, brought evolution to their lives but they forgot to live like humans and are turning into apes.”  

If I turned the page of this book, time would stop and whole earth will enter inside a black hole and it will demolish. I had no choice but to turn the page because what it said was true. It’s time to end time. I turned the page and suddenly series of books started flying around and got burned into ashes one by one. Those were books of all religion including the Holy Bible. My heart was crying, all I could see was the good times I had with my loved ones and also the beautiful earth. I wish I could hug all my loved ones one more time. But I can see them in heaven peacefully, that gave my soul winds of solace.

The reason why I was chosen to turn the page remained unknown, and I smiled for one last time before I vanish away in the hole that is engulfing my dear earth.

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