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When Eyes Open Wide

June 12, 2019

    It’s 6:00 a.m. and I wake up to the typical Rhode Island rain. I’m late!! I hurry and get ready, guess I’m gonna have to skip breakfast. I run to the bus and make it just in time. I hate the bus, but I can’t drive by myself yet and my mom doesn’t take me out to drive so I don’t think I will anytime soon. I wish I had wings or something so I wouldn’t have to sit in this nasty bus.
    The bus stops and I get on. The bus ride is long and loud, with the same noisy kids. The bus stops and I walk to meet my best friend by my locker. As usual, she’s already waiting for me.
       “Hey, have you done the project for environmental studies? It’s due tomorrow and I haven’t actually done the experiment” she said.  We both laugh.
        “Wow, such a scholar” I tease.
         We walk to class and sit down at our desks. I end up falling asleep and waking up to the bell.
         I get home and decide to stop procrastinating my experiment.
         For my experiment, I’m trying to see how different chemicals will change the mass of a gram of yeast.
         I set everything up and try to follow the directions but my handwriting is really sloppy.
         I reach over the boiling chemicals for the instructions and I get a whiff of the steam. I fall back coughing.
         My eyes get really heavy, I try to get up but I feel dizzy and lightheaded. I fall back and my eyes close, everything else blurs and fades.
        I open my eyes and look around. I forget where I am but then my memory starts to come back. The chemicals! I jump and search for the source of the burning smell. I quickly unplug the boiler. I sigh as I realize the mess i’ve made. I’m still lightheaded and so I stumble back. My back feels sore and I feel something on my back when I fall into the wall. I look in the old mirror next to the bookshelf.
         I let out a huge scream as I try to process what I see. I have wings! Wings!!
         My mom rushes into the room and runs towards me. I don’t know why but I start crying.
         “Mom I have wings!” I cry into her shoulder and she rubs my back.
          She looks back at me confused, “Honey what are you talking about?” She asks.
          “Mom they’re right here! On my back! How do you not see them?” I start to panic as she looks around.
          “What happened?” She asks.
          “I was working on my project for environmental science and the chemicals spilled and I fell” I explain.
          Her eyes open wide and she quickly guides me to the car.
         “Hurry hurry, we have to make sure you don’t have any toxic chemicals in your system” she urges.
          I sigh, frustrated “Mom forget the chemicals, can you worry about the fact that I have wings!!”
          The wings flutter on the way to the hospital. I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.
          I wake up to a bright light in my eyes. I slowly get up and look around and I’m in a hospital bed in the ER. I spot my mom talking to the doctor a couple feet away in hushed tones.
          I’m injected with an IV and have an oxygen mask. I take it off and slowly pull the needle out of my arm. It’s painful but I can’t be here. I feel my back for my wings and they’re still there. I don’t know how she she knew, but my mom sees me getting out of my bed and rushes over.
           “No no no, Kelly what are you doing? You fainted honey, you can’t be up” she says.
           “Mom I’m FINE, just help me fix the wings on my back!” she and the doctor exchange worried looks.
           I get up and mumble about how they’re not fixing the actual problem.
           “Kelly, you must stay in bed or else we’ll get a sedative” she says calmly.
           “Leave me alone!” I say. “I have wings!! Why aren’t you getting them off?”
           “Kelly there’s nothing on your back. You’re hallucinating from inhaling the chemicals from your project. You must be in the hospital for 2 more days for observation” she explains.
           “That’s it” I get up and search for an exit frantically. “Security!” I hear the doctor yell.
           I look over as two men walk towards me. I run up the stairs but they’re getting close. I’m running out of stairs when I get an idea. I find the door leading up to the roof and I open it quickly. I run to the edge and look back. My mom, the doctor, and the security guys look at me.
           “If I don’t have wings then how can I do this?”  I say. I close my eyes and fall over, trusting my wings will get me. I feel the wind on my face and feel my wings spread. But one hits the flag pole and I scream as I fall to certain death.
           I hit the pavement and hear a crack before I black out.
           I awake and everything hurts. I look around but it hurts to turn my head. I find myself with a bruise torso and multiple casts on my body. I try to speak, call out for help. Anything that will get someone here. My mom, I just want my mom. I try to sit up but I find myself strapped to the bed. I take a good look at the hospital room and realize I’m in a psych ward! The walls are white and it is eerily silent. No no no, there must be some kind of mistake. I don’t belong here. I look back at my wings and find them intact. I sigh and relief and spread them. I’m getting out of here.


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