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Cloak and Dagger by Fubenuh Sama

June 12, 2019


Fubenuh Sama
                                                              Cloak And Dagger Orgins

Tyrone was a boy with a troubled pass he lived in the ghetto of New Orleans and looked up to his brother he was his idol and followed him everywhere his name was Billy . One day Billy went to go hang out with his friends and Tyrone wanted to follow him Billy did not want tyrone to follow him but his Mom had forced him to take Tyrone with him and Billy tried to plead with his Mom for him Not to take Tyrone, but the mother refused.so Tyrone went to go hang out with Billy and his friends and they were playing basketball. It was quite chilly and Tyrone was cold , so he told Billy and Billy knew as the big brother he had to take care of his younger brother so he gave him his hoodie to wear.After they were done playing basketball, they went to go hang out around some cars. One of Billy‘s friends dared him to steal a radio from a car , but bill didn’t want to so his friends started calling him a punk. So Billy said “ forget y’all” and they all laughed and left. Tyrone felt bad for his older brother and decided to steal the radio in the car for him, because he thought he was too scared to steal it. So Tyrone stayed behind and broke in to the car and stole the radio . He later caught with Billy and his friends and showed him the radio Billy yelled at him “why would you do that”  “I thought you were to scared to so I didn’t it for you.” Tyrone said . The cops pulled up and everybody started running. One of the cops followed Tyrone and Billy. He follewed them through the cargo doc and Billy told Tyrone to hide. So he did and the police ran up and told Billy to put your hands in the air you black monkey . Billy stopped and put his hands in the air and was in armed. Billy said “ listen man I don’t have a gun” then an explosion went off at the gas site and the police shot him and he fell into the water. Tyrone screamed and jumped in after him. The cop was scared for what would happen next. Tandy’s past was also troubled. She was a ballet dancer. She liked to dance every day and she went to class. She wasnt the best but she tried. Her Mother went to go and picked her up. Her Mom loved her so much. One day she want to go pick her up . she picked up her daughter while she was on the phone when she picked up her daughter. Her Mom was on the phone with the Dad while he was at work. She heard her Mom and Dad arguing over the phone so she walked away and wandered of in the wild streets of new york city she stole this ladies purse because she was hungry and the lady did not notice her purse was gone because tandy had stole it because she was very little and small she was quiete when she did it. When she had got the food to eat the mom finnaly found her and was very worried. “ Baby dont ever run away like that again.” “yes Mommy” Tandy said.  They drove home into the nght and they went to the house they lived in. The mom had to go to work and she didnt want to leave the daughter home. The Mom had called the father to come home and pick tandy because she did not want to have to leave tandy home all by herself. The Dad had to come and pick his daughter tandy up . He was very frustrated and aggrevated because he had to leave work to pick her up. Tandys was in the back seat of the SUV aand her father was in the drivers seat yelling on the phone. He was driving on the bridge yelling at his workers then BOOOOM…. An explosion happpend on the bridge. Before you knew it they were in the water they dad had all ready drowend and tandy was trying to free her father and she couldnt break him lose. So she left him because she did not want to die. When she was swimming she saw this boy under water and the both passed out. They woke up on the shore when she was passed out . But tyrone was awake. She wanted to make sure she was ok and she was healthy he took his jacket after he found out he was breathing and okay. Then the paramedics found both of them and the were okay.


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