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A family who needs a miracle and a cure who is their last hope...the lost cure

The Lost Cure

June 12, 2019

   The door of the john Hopkins children's hospital slammed open as the mother and father held each other in one another's arms praying that there little Lucy come back safe, not knowing that this hospital would be home for a long time. Far away in an Atlanta laboratory doctors are busy working on a new cure for a rare mutation in the blood found in only young children that slowly shuts down every organ. This mutation starts makes its way through the entire body this was there only sample that seemed to work. All they needed to do was use it on a human but all the previous people with this rare disease had passed before their human testing could be done. Frowning in disappointment as their assistant reviewed the list of candidates a third time  to see if their were any living ones left they received a phone call. Histoplasmosis the doctor said, “it's a rare disease only found in very few children..” pulling the parents to side the doctor spoke quietly and clearly making sure not to give the girl the same sympathetic eyes he had been giving the parents, “it's uncurable, treatment will help but if you want my opinion give her a great few months that she has left..” dropping into the father's arms the mother cried silently making sure her daughter didn't hear or see her fathers tear stained shirt. “We’re going to keep her for testing and additional readings but getting her home as soon as possible is the best option” walking to the back the doctor read the girls chart wishing over and over again he could do more, help somehow as he continued in his gloomy train of thought he had an idea and ran towards the phone dialing as fast as he could. Back at the lab the doctor and the scientist talk amongst one another about the girl and her chances with the cure and just like that it was sent off. Rushing the cure over to the hospital the nurse made one accidental bump and sent the cure rolling down the stairwell and outside the hospital. Waking up in prickly grass it looked around. “Where am i” it thought as is wobbled  onto its feet feeling the tough dirt for the first time the cure thought back and realized “THE GIRL” it thought “ my girl she needs me!” running to the doors of the hospital just as someone was leaving the cure waddled its way in. looking high and low for its girl, rushing to the lobby area the cure saw things it has never seen before wooden flat boards that somehow held cups full of hot stuff, a old wrinkled lady who held a small boy while water came out of his eyes with all these new things the cure almost got distracted but got back on its search for its girl. The doctor told the parents the good news and they jumped in joy picking up their daughter holding her in loving arms. The cure found itself in a weird with big stuffed bears sitting on those weird chair things, drawings on the walls, tons and tons of red pretty things in vases and some cards with writing on it as he analyzed he saw a little sleeping boy smiling at his own dreams. Walking into another room he saw a little girl with no drawings not even weird sitting chairs just the girl with tubes up her breathing holes and one thin blanket covering her frail body, she wasn't smiling at her own dreams only tossing and turning. Wobble down the hall he had an amazing idea he ran into a big closet grabbing some paper and leaping onto the counter for some crayons it got to drawing, stuffed bears, pretty red things in vases, even scribbles for cards. Running back into the girls room it displayed its new drawings everywhere, wobbling out just in time , the little girl woke up smiling at all her new decorations. The cure had just discovered another new thing without even realizing it. Hope that's what he gave to one little girl but took from another, back in the doctor's room Lucy looked at her parents with fright as they cried in each others arms unable to hold back their tears while the doctor explained to them the events that lead up to the cure being lost, not understanding what was going Lucy began to tear up thinking she was the cause behind her parents tears. The cure continued its quest for its girl peeking into rooms here and there to find more smiling children, walking down the halls it saw people in scrubs and other people with telescope things around their necks looking in rooms, searching under tables and drawers, wondering what they could possibly be looking for a scrub wearing lady accidentally kicked the cure back into another room sitting up and analyzing the room the cure saw two older people sobbing on a empty bed he looked around for a little person but couldn't find one. Is it the old people who are sick? The cured wondered wobbling around the room it found a little bear that had rolled off the bed into the corner picking it up it wobbled over to the older people placing it alongside their feet before wobbling right out of the room silly humans always losing their bears the cure thought. The crying mother looked down and saw the tiny bear her daughter had named Hailey. Joy that's what the cure had spread to one parent and brought back to another wobbling down the hallways with a lot less hope in its chemical compounds the cure felt a tug not physical but mental towards one room it was a small quiet room with one bear one card and one girl. Lucy, was given the best gift that day,the ability to fight and there she began the fight of her life.



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