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United States

The Dragon Surprise

June 12, 2019

The Dragon Surprise
    It’s the middle of July in 2001 and for the villagers of Monteverde they think it’s going to be a normal rainy morning. But they were most definitely wrong, the creatures of up above had a totally different idea for the day. The creatures of up above were actually dragons and these dragons wanted revenge on the villagers. About a week ago the dragons came down to earth and the villagers treated them like trash, they stared when the dragons walked past and killed about half of them. They took a lot of offense from that and decided to come back today and get revenge on the villagers. When the remaining dragons got back up to their home land the head dragons, Artha, Sky, and Chi-Chi decided to get revenge. They announced to the remaining dragons “A week from today we will get revenge, we will go down to their land and mess their world up.” So, a week later all the dragons headed down to the village and attempted to disturb the villagers world. When they got down there, they started to yell, what they thought was loud but all the villagers heard were tiny little squeaks. When they figured out that this wasn’t working, they started to mess stuff up to get everyone’s attention. They went into the local store and knocked all the merchandise of the shelves and out of the freezers. Boxes opened, bottles and jars shattered open. And still no one noticed them, until a customer came in and tried to go shopping but everything was destroyed. Then when the customer kept walking and walked over to where the destruction was, he slipped and fell. At this point, the cashier looked up from her phone and realized what happened to their store. As she looked around she saw the little dragons continuing to break and destroy things. The store worker, Millie Brown tried get them out of the store but they kept saying, “We will not leave until we are done and you people give us the respect we deserve!” At this point Millie wasn’t even listening to them anymore and was going to get her manager, Raechel Smith. Millie went into Raechel’s office at the back of the market and said to her, “Raechel, there’s dragons in the market, messing everything up and they won’t leave.” When Raechel heard this she thought something was wrong with her worker. She asked Millie, “Are you okay sweetie? Did you get enough sleep last night, are you tired?” In response Millie said “Yeah, I’m fine and I got enough sleep. I’m serious there really out there, they really destroyed all the merchandise, and they really won’t leave.” “Millie I want you to go home and get some sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll walk you out.”, said Raechel. As they were walking to the door, the dragons cut them off and ran out the door. Raechel thought she was seeing things. She wiped her eyes and said, “Am I seeing things or are there dragons in my store?” “See I told you, there dragons!”, Millie stated firmly. So, Raechel and Mille picked up each and every dragon and threw them outside the front doors. When they got all the dragons out of the market, they shut and locked the doors immediately. “Whew finally”, they both said in sync. So when the dragons couldn’t mess the market anymore they went to the local hospital. When they got in, Artha said, “let’s split up and ruin everything in this place!” So, they split into groups and dispersed. Artha and her group stayed on the first floor, Sky and her group went to the second floor, and Chi-Chi and her group went to the third floor to mess stuff up. When all the dragons dispersed and went to their locations, Artha said to her group, “Okay guys we gotta mess everything, doesn’t matter if it’s gonna kill some humans. That’s what we’re here for!” So Artha and her group run through each and every hospital room on the first floor and contaminate anything that they could and destroyed anything that they couldn’t contaminate. At the same time Sky and Chi-Chi said the same thing to their group and their group followed just as Artha’s group did. They were so small and so quiet that no one noticed that they were even in the hospital. When they were done contaminating and destroying things they all ran outside and met up to go their homeland. Finally, 3 hours after the dragons did their destruction a nurse on the third floor realized something was off. So, he ran to the head doctor and of course the head doctor thought he was crazy. So, he said to the nurse, “Are you serious? Are you sure your not seeing things?” “Yes i’m sure, everything’s messed up and contaminated!” So they both went to investigate and to the top doctor’s surprise, the nurse was right. So, the top doctor called all the other doctors for a meeting. “We have a crisis, we have to take action immediately. Everything is destroyed and contaminated. So, we have to go to our emergency preparedness plan.” So, he sent all the doctors back to their stations. As all the doctors and nurses turn to the emergency plan and schedule patients and getting sicker and sicker by the minute. So, the top doctor decided they needed some held and called the government. When he called the government he said, “We’re having a contamination crisis her in our hospital and we need extra help ASAP!” So, the government brought in nurses from other countries that specialized in emergency preparedness and contamination crisis. So, these nurses helped get everything controlled and back to normal.  


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