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Abyss of Summer

June 12, 2019

Abyss of Summer
The news was out! Everyone huddled in front of the television that was tuned to FLNS (Florida Local News Station), the local news station. We can now go to Venus? We can now go to Venus. We can now go to Venus! We had to sign up, for I have always looked for an opportunity like this. Mom and dad should not mind paying because if it was Hector,Jesse, and Harris asking, they would gladly pay without hesitation. Hector, Jesse, and Harris are my older brothers. We are all 1 year apart, starting with me and I am 16, you do the math.
I hurried to the laptop sitting opposite the dining table and clicked till I reached the website where I hurriedly clicked through and filled all the forms. When I was done I called mom and dad to come pay for it, but everyone argued that they all wanted to come along, resulting in $21,000. Mom and Dad didn't mind. “It’s for a good cause,” they said. Their when it comes to my brothers, they always throw me off. This trip is supposed to be my chance to get to do something new and exciting and will benefit me in the future.
Day 1:
    Inside the rocket was spacious. There was a mini kitchen with a microwave, a fridge, and a sink. There were also 3 mini bedrooms with bunk beds in them, and two bathrooms altogether. There were 9 passenger seats and 2 pilot seats. We all sat down and got ready for lift off. The trips lasted for what seemed like days. We were there in 6 hours tops. When we got there, we were assigned oxygen tanks that we could use to go out on the planet because the atmosphere was not safe for breathing. After assigning our gas tanks to us, the pilot and the co-pilot took us out of the rocket to go take a picture. We planted the American flag and took a picture surrounding it. After that, we were each told to pick a seed of our choice, that we would like to plant and watch its progress throughout the remainder of the course of our stay. We were very tired after that and when back into rocket and took showers and went to sleep.
Day 2:
    I was never a morning person. I took the bunk bed last night and when I woke up, the light was directly on me. During the day we just explored the planet and watched our plants grow. It was fun because we discovered other forms or life on the planet.
Day 3:
    Same schedule as yesterday. No big deal.
Day 4:
    It’s getting a little boring out here. I’m getting home sick.
Day 5:
    Today is our last full day and we get to explore a little bit more in groups. Just know that I am rolling my eyes right now because when in groups, no one wants to go anywhere.
Day 6:
    We leave today but we have about another hour until lift off. I decided to take a little detour during our last time watching plants. I went in the opposite direction instead. I really took the time to look at how the surface of the planet looked, and how it possibly affect the atmosphere of the planet. I looked and I was already 30 mins over the schedule. I tried to hurry back, but by the time I got there, I saw the rocket liftoff. I tried waving but no one saw me. And just like that, I was alone, with nothing but my camera and the plants that surrounded me. I looked at my oxygen tank and it was ¾ full. I was grateful, but how long was it going to last before they realized I was not on the rocket and turn back around to come back for me. Mom and Dad would probably freak out- “What were you thinking?” “You could’ve gotten hurt!” I’m mentally exhausted and don't have the patience for their annoyance. I looked around me and I saw rows of plants. At least I have a food source. Opposite the plants was a pond. What will I drink? I’m pretty sure that water is not safe for digestion.
I sat there for what seemed like hours. I looked at my watch, it had been 4 hours since liftoff. I wonder if they realized I wasn’t on the rocket. I look at the oxygen tank, it was way below half the tank. Now I started to panic. It was getting cold. I looked to the left of the pond and there was a crushed rocket so I decided to go hide out in there. In thee rocket, I managed to find a blanket but I couldn't find another oxygen tank. I lay there shakely and fell asleep. The next time I woke up was with a flashlight in my face, with someone calling my name. I looked up and there stoop Harris. I know I  will never here the end of this story- how I got lost and he “saved me.”
We walked back to the rocket and everyone was happy to see me, or at least glad that I was live and well. On our way back, the inevitable wave of questions came- “Where did you go?”, “Why did you deviate from the group?”, like they cared. They never paid much attention to me unless I was in trouble. Harris was always the golden boy.


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