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mamamoo, doctor who, harry potter, writing and drawing.

and also quite socially awkward.


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thank you for coming across this profile! :) i just want to write my own truth, and hopefully you can find yourself in it too.


March 30, 2016

After admiring the way the sun shone upon Anna's hair, after adolescent faces twisting into contempt, after sayings of that's not normal, freak, after a bowed head and tightly-hugged chest, after blows to a stomach already at a state of unease, after tears rolling down cheeks despite no, I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry, after nights of looking at stars and wondering about different lives, after being haunted by realistic scenarios that left me gasping for breath as I clutched my blanket to my pyjama-clad chest, after screams and shouts of why can't you be normal like every other girl, it's so easy and you can't even do that, after sweaty palms and a thudding heart, after silence and a deadly-set jaw, after the woman who had cared for me since the day I was born erupted, after no, I will not tolerate this nonsense in my house, this is not what I expected of you, I never raised you that way, this is abnormal, after sending me scampering out the door with a weak, feeble whimper sitting on my lips, after walking through the cold in nothing but a thin shirt and skinny jeans, after repeating she said she'd love me no matter what, she said so, she did..., after a whisper of how could she love someone like you, after almost believing that small voice, almost on the verge of tearing myself apart and yes, it's all my fault, all my fault... I arrived, as the ugly blubbering mess I was, at a bench upon which sat her, whose hair was unlike anything else under the sun's rays.


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