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Let's play "spot the references" if you know her :D there are fourteen of them. Also I realise I should tell you her name haha. It's Christina Grimmie.

the three-year Mark

June 11, 2019


three years ago
a soul vanished

how can the spark of life 
spread so much love
and simultaneously
end in such frustration
by the bullets of a—
(a pause and a breath.)
arms open wide
giving a hug one last time

wrenched away from her partner in crime
of eighteen years
was twenty-two
four minus one, and then another
gaping holes in their souls,

and laughter 
the “poof”
just adorableness
bathroom videos
and cows
and spoders
link is always in green...except in the fire temple and the water temple in Ocarina of Time 
but we did not need to know that
“be stupid. be dumb. be funny.”
but above all...

see yu soon, pooplet.
Day 13 of #escapril. Prompt: "celestial bodies". 


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  • nezi_nes

    Oh how I like this image... oui madame do I liketh

    12 months ago
  • omicron7889

    You will be eighty-three, and living in a quiet house in the countryside. Little children will scuttle up to you and sit at your feet, begging you to please read your poems again please. And with a smile that could soften the harshest soul you will look at the date, a thought flicking through your mind like a minnow in a pool, and begin to recite this poem. The room goes quiet, and she is alive again.

    12 months ago