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The Wait

June 12, 2019

PROMPT: Micro Memoir

Tonight, in the infinite dark, we wait.

All of us, together yet alone. So cold our teeth chatter in synchrony. The hair on our arms stand up straight, and we do not know if it's the chill or the restless anticipation. No one utters a word; the silence speaks volumes.

Yesterday does not matter. No one knows how the others have got here, or where they are going. We live different lives; different starts, different journeys. Yesterday some of us sobbed in grief. Some of us laughed until our lungs gasped for breath. We don't know each other stories, and we do not need to. We are in the moment, the glorious moment. 

We start with the energy bursting out of us. The wait will pass, we tell ourselves Our legs thrum in anticipation, grins curve high on our faces. We are undefeatable. 

But slowly, we get pulled down. The middle is the hardest; too far from the start and nowhere close enough to the end. The wait is never going to end, we tell ourselves. Giving up seems easier than going on. 

But then we see the changes. Dew coats our arms, and we lick the sweet drops off our lips to give us strength. The grass at our feet curls up. We stand up straight. We are ready. 

And then it happens. As one, we lift our heads. And there it is. The sun rises, and as the glow warms our faces, we know that we have won. 


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