i would’ve given you the clothes off my back, the air from my lungs, the remnants of my heart. but apparently i wasnt good enough. ive never been good enough for your love.

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This is what happens when you ask a 3 year old what you should write a story about lol. What do y’all think?


June 10, 2019



 I was swinging from the tree, minding my own business with all my buddies, when all of a sudden, one of you MONSTERS came. We felt it coming; the ground shook, our leaves rustled,and the wind picked up. It stood in front of our community for a couple seconds, and then it ripped me from the branch I was tethered to with a large claw like thing. It held me up to its eyes, and then lowered me down to bite into me with razor sharp teeth.

It bit through my delicate pink skin, into my soft, juicy flesh, and down into my hard seed filled core. A sickening whelch filled the air as it ripped a chunk off of my body. The pain was excruciating. My juices began to flow excessively,  and began to drip in to his claw. As the drops of me hit his claw, he diverted his attention to it. He stopped biting me, and lowered down my battered body. He savagely licked my juices off of his hand. He savoured their taste, but then he started up again. He bit me more, harder each time, and in a matter of seconds, my skeletal core was all that remained. 

He forced my battered body down this red tube that was in the back of head way back behind his teeth. He combined me with a wet, translucent, sticky paste. He pushed me all the way down the red tube, and I ended up in a round squishy chamber that quickly filled and burnt away my skin.

Eventually, I was reduced to nothing more than a shrivelled, sad chunk of apple. I was forced through a couple more tubes, until I was pushed into a dark one, filled with the remnants of the rest of its victims. 

Then, with no warning whatsoever, we were airborne. A loud thundering sound followed me out of the chamber. I fell for 7 seconds, and PLUNK! I landed in a water filled chamber. The chamber swirled around menacingly as I landed. It made a swishing noise, and sent me shooting down a cold, dark tube. I went in gravity defying directions, up, down, left right, and spun around and around and around.

Now I’m in a pit. Its dark, dank, smelly, and nothing can grow down here. Its only a matter of time until death overcomes me.
I was bored today, so I decided to write this. Thoughts?


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  • pineapples

    i love your attention to detail

    11 months ago