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heyyy i'm a dork, nerd, geek, and a high-functioning introvert. I either wanna be an author, ER doctor, or an actor. how about you? I am a Slytherdor, Dauntless, RainWing/NightWing, and I love Pokemon. but Ash is stupid. James rocks!

Know What I Want?

June 10, 2019


You know what I want?
I want a book where the main character isn't the hero.
I want one where everyone suspects the protagonist is not the hero--and are wrong.
I want heroes who are underestimated, who struggle with normal problems.
Like depression.
Or anxiety.
A little bit of self-doubt is realistic.
I don't want to read a book like it is a classic movie, where everyone knows what happens.
I want to root for my characters, not watch them succeed at everything they do.
Because people fail.
We fail and crash and burn. 
We aren't good at our jobs. 
I want an author to recognize that.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love my books.
My precious Lord of the Rings.
Always Harry Potter.
I couldn't forget Percy Jackson, or Magnus Chase, or the Trials of Apollo.
The Fourth Stall is always in business.
Wings of Fire, I will always be loyal to you.
But a bit of variety would be nice.
Because in real life, people struggle. 
People take time to get good.
Nobody can wield a sword perfectly on their first try.
(Oh, believe me, I know)
Maybe throw in some unexpected change.
Like moving.
Or a sudden death of a loved one.
Their friends turning their back on them.
How about some breaking of the stereotypes?
Hmm...or maybe women who aren't just love interests?
Us girls can fight too! I would LOVE to take people down in battle!
Or boys who are just the dorky nerds with impossible crushes.
Us real people know those too.
Just a thought.
Now you guys know what I want.

If anyone know of books who do this, PLEASE let meknow! I am always in need of books.


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  • parachutes

    I would suggest giving “More Happy Than Not”, “They Both Die At The End” and “History is All You Left Me” by Adam Silvera a read!

    3 months ago