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Three Little Words

By: pencils.and.paper.roses


My name is Maya Holland, and at the ripe old age of 16 years old, I’ve finally found a best friend.

We met at Comic-con, actually. He was dressed as Captain America, I as Princess Leia. We knew and loved each other’s characters, but disagreed on a few things. 

But the thing that really sealed the deal was when he said just one thing. 

He’d been trying to start a debate, actually. But I’d been waiting my whole life to hear those three little words:

”Han shot first.”

Message to Readers

Okay wow, this is insanely cheesy XD XD but it came to mind last night and I absolutely had to write it.
I hope you enjoy the melted cheddar dripping off it! XD

Please note that it's not a true story. XD Just has a couple of similarities.

Peer Review

I have never read a short story before, so this is pretty surprising and new to me.

What caused you to write this?

Reviewer Comments

Keep writing!!!!!!!!!