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Graduation Day

June 10, 2019

Finally, the last time I have to sit through these lectures. The last day I have to take spell tests. It is finally here.
“Hey, Grant. Huge party tonight I heard.” says Leo approaching me.
“Hope to see you there.” I reply.
“Of course you will, I'll bring that old spell book.” he says. It’s really old, who wouldn’t want to look into it?
“Sweet! See ya at 8.” I say heading to the courtyard. Last night before graduation.
    There’s supposed to be about 70 people coming. I should probably expand the house and set out drinks.
“Expand ad cubiculum!” in a second the room doubles. I’m glad I doubled up on spell casting classes this year.
           The rest of the time seems to fly while I finish setting up. Soon enough I hear Leo pull up blasting rock music. He never changes I thought to myself. I walk outside to greet him and see 4 cars following behind him. My classmates shout at me with greetings and bring in even more food and drinks. I really don’t want my place to get trashed.
“Hey, Grant!” I hear someone call. That voice was familiar.
“Penelope, hey! So glad you could make it.” I shout. I haven’t seen her around since first semester. We used to hang out so much more.
“I am too. I heard about the party and couldn’t resist.” She smiles and enters through the door.
             Within the next hour, my place was packed with people. The music was loud, people were dancing, playing games. Suddenly, I hear a loud crash. I run into the room to find the book case broken on the ground.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” cries Valerie.
“Val, it’s fine. I can fix it.” I pull out my wand and point to the case.
“Et figere reponere!” Within seconds the case was back to its former glory.
“Nice. Very clean.” She applauds.
“Thank you, Val. Enjoy the party.”
          I walk out to the drink table and grab some soda. I end up heading to the dance floor. I can feel the bass in my heart going faster and faster. I could stay here forever.
           I wake up on my floor, my head is throbbing. I slowly open my eyes to see cups everywhere. What happened? I sit up and look over to see Val in the corner. She’s by Leo.
“Hey, what’s up?” They give me a concerning look.
“Come over here.” Val says. I slowly get up and make my way to the window.
“What’s goi- Oh my god!” I look out along the street- or where it should be- and see nothing, except green and yellow. The houses were burning from this green liquid that seemed toxic. There was smoke everywhere. The ground was almost gone.
“Guys what happened?!” no response.
“Talk to me!”
“Last night. We got ahold of my spell book. I don’t know how we did it but the world seems to be another planet.” Leo says with confusion.
“I can’t tell where we are.” Val says. “But it doesn’t seem to be like home.”
“Did we do this?” I ask.
You did.”
“I can’t believe this.” My head begins to spin. Everyone is shouting, confused and scared. Penelope speaks, telling me what we did to our home.
“We partied hard and we woke up here. But it’s not all your fault. That book is extremely old. You casted random spells last night. We all know the older the spell, the stronger it is.” She’s not wrong.
“What are you talking about?” Says Val.
“This is home. You turned the earth into Venus last night.”
“That’s not possible.”
“Yes it is. Look here.” She opens the spell book and brings it to the 3rd page.
“You chose this spell to cast and some random others I can’t find. This book isn’t Latin, Grant.
“I turned the earth into Venus?”
“Yes. You brought all of the acid rain, acidic atmosphere, and toxic air with it.”
“How could I have been so stupid? Can we fix it?”
We? Grant, you know I care for you but this was all you. You have to fix it.” Says Val.
“He screwed us all over. Soon enough the roof will give out from acid and we will die!”
“Enough!” screams Penelope. “He didn’t mean to. It could’ve been any of us. We are all going to help fix this.”
“If there’s a spell to do it there has to be one to reverse it.”
“I don’t read Romanian. Looks like it’s all you, Pen.” Val rolls her eyes.
“Okay. Give me a few.”
         I can’t believe I did this. I’m responsible for all of this. I can’t live with myself.
“Guys! Wait I found it already. A reverse spell.”
“Okay, that means I can cast it.”
“Not exactly. It needs at least 6 wizards. We’re only 4.” this can’t be the only way.
“We all have to do it don't we? Together.” Leo chimes it.
“Yes. If we want to reverse it we have to do it together but it’s dangerous.” Penelope says with fear.
“Listen, Guys we may not make it through this spell. I understand if you don’t wanna do it.” I say.
“ Are you kidding me? Grant, we’re here for you. At least I am.” He says.
“The world will die if we don’t.”
“ I know, Pen.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Fine. But if I die you owe me in heaven.” We all chuckle and come close holding hands.
Let's do this.” Says Penelope.
“Read the spell together..” We interlock hands and take a breathe. I still can’t believe this is happening. We shout loud as can be. I feel my body weaken from under me. But it was the house. Not my bones.
“I’m sorry I did this. Please forgive me.” I cry. Their eyes lock with mine and we begin to fade. The light grows brighter. We drift off. Together.


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