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free #escapril

June 10, 2019


come out
old ways

breathe in new life

all things have ultimately led to this
your endless love envelops me
it has no bottom nor wall around it

as my knees crash
i surrender my past
my all
i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m
so sorry jesus

you take in the broken, the hurting, the empty
you have come to wash the feet of sinners
ones who shouldn’t deserve your grace

your love gave me a chance
you showed me a light at the end
no matter the vacuous ways i have pursued
you have forgiven them
praise the lord
that i can be saved from the consequences
of my greed
of my pride
of my jealousy
of my desire for acceptance of man
i am finally free

we are free
and we joyfully carry out your will
there will be many hardships but
they are nothing
compared to the moment we worship you in person
in heaven
we are free
#escapril day 11. Prompt: "spring cleaning". 
I was so inspired by someone’s testimony that I decided to write this in his perspective. Right in the moment of redemption, when it all came crashing down on him, when he finally saw Jesus’ love for him and rejected his destructive ways. Andre Murillo - Testimony


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