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your enchanting ghost


June 9, 2019



what altar, what confession do i hold except
to love
when hands touch, thumb to thumb finger
to finger and me,
if my eyes close tight enough,
seeing stars not plastic
as vestiges of light and
tasting holiness in the salt of swollen-
eyed tears and mango
leaking down my chin. i talk to the sky
to be lonely and
there is never an answer except
me, here, and that great expanse, when it wants to be.
but i am the one
who bends and feels
in every beat and every turn.
even without trying to i am a kaleidoscope
of green and sharp tangerine
on tongue and this is when i slide
my teeth together as prayer,
as spinach, as thanks. in every
dragon fruit seed that passes my lips
i see god blooming
like lychee
once peeled from the skin



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  • Oscar_Locke

    Otherworldly, as always!

    6 days ago
  • Zoe G.

    wow this is amazing!!

    7 days ago