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I'm a bit of an old soul, with a passion for writing. I believe strongly in freedom of speech and love to hear everyones opinion, whether I agree or not. I hope to sieze everyday and find adventure always, but more than anything I love to be outside.

Message to Readers

The other night I was sitting outside and I was in total awe over the scene before me. The skies werer violet, but full of clouds so you couldn't see any stars, but the lightning bugs were flashing in the trees as if they were taking the stars place. Now I wasn't on a bay when this happened, that part was created at 2 in the morning when I couldn't sleep, but the rest of this poem is strictly derived from the scene I saw from my porch.

Stardust And Moonbeams

June 10, 2019


Violet skies without any stars,
They've fallen down into the trees, they've drifted so far.
Twinkling, caught in the black trees painted upon the night,
They sigh with radiance and light.
Then the wind blows -
Shaking the stars from the branches to fall down below.
They land down in the bay,
Now in a dark abyss they lay.
Creating a pathway of diamonds that ripple through the night,
Leading to the moon, who just rose and is now in sight.
We sailed along the bay,
When we saw the lights from far away.
We saw the glistening path from afar,
And sailing towards it, I gently brushed my hand across every star.
Watching the diamonds fall from the tips of my fingers,
Stardust now lingers.
Let’s always find time to sail towards stardust and moonbeams -
Let’s always find moments that seem to be made of eternal daydreams.  


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  • Janna Brown

    Thank you so much!

    9 months ago
  • Boogie With Stu

    This is beautiful! Love it <3 the title is so creative:)

    9 months ago