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Our Revenge

June 16, 2019

Call it the need for… Revenge, for vengeance, for retribution… Whatever it is, it’s all that keeps me going. As my tears mix with this deep ocean, I am reminded of why I feel this way. Why I’m so bitter. It’s a living nightmare. And I’m forced to relive this memory every second.

I barely remember what happened; it just came together in bits and pieces as I woke up. I knew having females on a ship was bad luck, according to sailors. But I had no clue how far they would go to avoid it. Well, I understand perfectly now. They tossed me overboard.

They drowned me. Bound my legs together, and weighed me down… Then tossed me over the side of the ship. They were monsters. I heard their laughs as I was dragged under, pulled away from life. I was choking on the saltwater that burned my lungs with every failed attempt at a breath. I kept squirming, trying to wiggle or kick my way free of the ropes that restrained me, until I couldn’t move any more. I couldn’t breathe.

And I looked down.

Without my own knowledge, my legs had morphed into something that resembled what, up to that point, I had considered to be nothing the ramblings of mad sailors. The creatures they had called Sirens. The beautiful fish-women who lured sailors to their deaths with their lilting, husky voices. The ones who enticed the men with their singing, and called out to them, asking them to come into the deep waters. And I-

I was one of them now.

I took a massive breath, and the water rushed in, burning my throat and lungs so terribly that I screamed, expelling any air that might have remained. And suddenly, I understood everything. I understood why they did it. Why they had chosen to show those men the sweet release of death. I understood why people spoke of them as if they has such anger and vengeance stored away in their hearts.

It was their revenge. And now it’s mine.

The light of the full moon is glinting off the surface of the water, and shining dimly through the waves, causing patterns of light that dance through the ocean. The light catches my eye, and that’s when it hits me. It’s been a year. An entire year with this cursed fate of mine. But the others have been here much longer. I still can’t bring myself to accept the fact that this is forever; that I'll spend eternity roaming these waters aimlessly. That I’ll never go back to being the person I once was. I used to just be a girl who wanted to travel; to explore new places and maybe make a name for myself. Well, I'll tell you a secret. This is no fairy tale. And there is certainly no happy ending. Not for me, or any of the others who have undergone this transformation that seemed like salvation at the time, but is much worse a end than drowning. It rarely happens, but seeing as we're no longer transient like everything that surrounds us is, the numbers are quite large.

Off in the distance, I see a ship approaching, it’s white sails glowing in the light of the full moon. A single man is leaning over the railing, gazing at the horizon. He is alone. Everyone else must be sleeping. Which means now is the perfect time to act.  

I slowly part my cracked lips and let out one long, continuous note. The spell has begun. The first note slowly shifts to a second, and then a third. The notes, strung together into a chilling siren’s song, scare even me. Anyone in their right mind would be running right now, but my voice has already drifted across the water. He’s heard me, and now he’s too late.
He’s seeing things, hearing things that aren’t there. My voice, my rough, gritty, cracking voice that’s burned from the saltwater… It will lure him in with a vision, a memory of his past, twisted to work for me. Designed to pull him in like a vortex, and never let up until he’s realized his error. He’s peering down into the water, with a fearful look on his eyes. The eerily beautiful melody fades into a haunting aria, the sorrowful, discordant notes expressing all I’ve gone through.

He jumps into the water, and starts swimming towards me. He has yet to discover that whatever he’s seeing isn’t real. And that’s a good thing. He finally realizes when my hands are wrapped around his throat and my singing has stopped. His eyes go wide with horror, and he struggles against me, attempting to break loose, even though it’s too late for him. He gasps for air, but finds none. I plunge him underneath the waves, and swim down; down into the depths of the abyss that will soon become his watery grave.

I release my grip on his throat, and smile. He won’t be able to swim to the surface in what little time he has before he drowns. He takes a breath of water, and I know exactly how much it hurts. He coughs out blood, and falls unconscious.
They smell the blood in the water, and come swarming around us. The other sirens who lie in wait just below the water’s surface are capable of stripping a man to the bone in just seconds. And that’s exactly what they do. I feel a sick satisfaction as I watch his bones fall to the ocean floor. They’re all staring at me now, teeth bared in grins that can only mean they’re feeling exactly the same as I am.

It was their revenge.

And now it’s mine.


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