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10 things I wish were true about myself

By: Emali

10 things I wish were true about myself
  1. I wish I was confident
  2. I wish I could be happier
  3. I wish I could take more risks
  4. I wish I knew that people care about me when i feel like they don't
  5. I wish I didn't worry so much
  6. I wish I could be proud 
  7. I wish I could fly
  8. I wish become happy someday soon
  9. I wish more active in school activitys and sports
  10. I wish that I could think of one more thing

Peer Review

"I wish I knew that people care about me when I feel like they don't". There is always this sense of insecurity that I get around in school since the girls in my clique had been acquainted in junior high but I was the only one who came from another school. So sometimes when they start going out in their own groups, I feel that I'm invisible and this feeling of diffidence and insecurity really hits.

You seem really diffident and unhappy. What's the main reason my friend? What is there that is troubling you and causing you to feel so reduced and insecure?

Reviewer Comments

Through your words, I sense this strong vibe of insecurity and low self-esteem. Is it because you are transitioning into a new environment? Or is it because you feel like you can identify with no-one? Don't worry, I've been there and done that. My freshman year was a nerve-wrecking and confidence-reducing experience with all those girls trying to be pretty and cool and guys trying to get both brawn and brains. But you don't have to care about them too much. We both have this notion that confidence is "I'm sure everyone's going to like me." But actually it's "Even if no one likes me, I enjoy my solidarity." Also, you may notice that some of your classmate may be trying to be cool strutting and acting swag, but they are really insecure as well. At the end of the day, each one of us just wants to be loved by the people around and the person in the mirror. Once you understand this point, points 2-6 and 8-9 will take care of themselves. From your simple diction, this is a list filled with sincerity and felicitous wishes from the bottom of your heart. It has a child-like wonder and a sprinkle of Tinkerbell's funny fairy dust in the end. Remember that Neverland was never a place, but a state of mind. Kudos to you on a magical sincere write!