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At first I tried, but I wasn't having fun
so I stopped trying
writing is a lot more fun when you anticipate a poor, and in turn, funny, project
ALSO my grammar succcccs, so don't expect much UwU

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dndndndndndnd I changed the story up quite a bit, and I'm not quite sure if I made it worse or better... I guess I'll find out?

Being Unstable Isn't a Good Leadership Quality

June 17, 2019

  "Chaos consumed the masses as my predominant ship haphazardly steered into the docks. Screaming, singing, cheers, and melancholy groans could be heard from just about every street in Amare. aboard my ship pirates, buccaneers, thieves, and social outcasts sang shanties, expressing their joy in the newfound access to a world of stealing, killing, and endless drinking."
    Cynthia glanced around the tavern, observing the greasy drunks loitering in their natural habitat: a tavern, appearing to be held up by six nails and rotten wood planks. "Why wouldn't you choose to restock in a nicer city? Amare isn't known for its quality."
    "We'd steal the alcohol from taverns, raid the homes of the wealthy, and wreak havoc just for the sake of it. The guardsmen are lower quality here, so there's no risk. Now, interrupt me again with a stupid question, and I might just have to give Noah the new captain position when I retire." He waited as Cynthia's pupils thinned at the thought, and nodded in agreement before taking a shot and continuing. "Pirates are feared men, so we can get away with quite a bit as is. This little contest you two have will also decide who "gets" my mercenaries necklace. With that beauty, no one stepped within 20 feet of us.  Magic items are hard to come by, and usually cause destruction, after all."
    Cynthia leaned closer to Eugene, straightening her posture. "But you don't have any magic items?"
    "Yeah. A few brave souls think it's a good idea to take down us pirates. Forging a rumor like that eradicates any nuisances we have to put up with. Go ahead and try to name a single person who'd willingly challenge a pirate with magic?
       "I see... Given all the rumors, I kind of just forgot that pirates could be smart."
    "That's an incredibly naive thought process. Let's continue before you embarrass yourself further, shall we?"
    Cynthia's lips curled, ordering a beer as Eugene began again. "My crew and I, we walked down the grimy, feces bound streets, watching as the crowds dispersed to make room for us. All but one street scattered. Noah was surrounded, mesmerizing the city folk with his fiddle playing. His lips sat in a condescending smirk, like he knew he was a better musician than everyone else. Beside him sat a patchy hat, filled to the brim with cash. Now, I'm a stingy man, so any opportunity to earn more money is appealing. I pushed my way up to him, and grabbed his hat." Cynthia sat impatiently as Eugene chuckled, having trouble speaking through his laughing fit. " This little lad grabbed my wrist, staring daggers and locking eyes with mine. That scrawny boy decided it was a good idea to stand up to a pirate, but not just any pirate; a captain! He was unintimidating, as to be expected, but I was still taken aback by his forwardness. I can only assume he thought I was frightened, as he spoke up. Noah's words have stuck with me to this day, he said ' Listen here you inhumanly large turd ball! Touch my stuff again, and I'll bite your ear off, you hear me? How can your moral standards be so low that you'd steal from an orphan? you need a reality check, sir! Regardless of your piracy, you're just a man! Earn your own cash! ' Well, the kid had the gall to speak up to someone not even grown men would go near, so I dropped the hat, the money clunking as it hit the disgusting sidewalk."
    "Why did you listen to him? I know if an adult said that to you, you'd shank them on the spot."
    "Well, needless to say, I was quite proud of the lad; sticking up for what he believed in. He must've thought I looked scary, must've heard the rumors, yet he put on a brave face. Even I wasn't that brave when I was a young lad. It was refreshing, and gave me hope that society hadn't completely crumbled." As Eugene spoke of Noah, tears threatened to spill from Cynthia, trying her best to contain herself.
     "Why did he join you if he obviously despised pirates?" 
    "Aye. He didn't do it by choice. He was such a scrawny lad, I just picked him up and trudged him back to the ship. Screamed the whole way back, he did."
    Eyes springing to life along with the rest of her, Cynthia practically shouted "Does that mean he still hates pirates? I mean he was kidnapped by one! If he still hates us, then he can't be trusted with the captain role!" This last sliver of hope rang throughout Cynthia as she screeched.
    "Think again, lassie. He started to become friendlier over time. I think it was right around the time you joined us?"
    With these new pieces of information, Cynthia blacked out. Like on autopilot, she wasn't in control of her actions. Running down to the mold covered docks, she was in complete and utter hysterics. The ship now in view, she felt a new strength with every step she took, feet cold against the floor beneath her. The faint yells of Eugene came from behind her, getting increasingly louder and more strained. Between the tears flooding her face, she ran up onto the ship, ignoring remarks coming from her fellow mates. Up the stairs, across the poop deck, and into the captains quarters she went. Inside, Noah was sitting down, studying a map.
    "hey! Is everything alrig-"
    Cynthia couldn't hear her response, only registering that he ruined her chances. She lunged at Noah, who abruptly jumped up, smacking into a worn out Eugene. Eugene breathed heavily as he easily grabbed her arm and tied her up to the chair Noah was previously sitting in.
     Eugene pinched his nose bridge and sighed the kind of sigh only an old man can perform as he said "you know, you actually had a chance... that is until now."


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