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This is my first time writing fantasy, so I'd like to hear your thoughts!


June 8, 2019

    "But Sarah, what if it doesn't work?"
    I looked out the window. The stars were just coming out, little twinklings sparks in the sky. I would miss them. I turned back to Eric, staring into his eyes, into his soul. "It has to."
    "But what if it doesn't?" The panic was coming out. He had been suppressing it for so long. "You will be lost forever!"
    "Even if it works I will be lost."
    "No, if it works you are only trapped. I can come find you! If it fails... if it fails you're gone."
    "I have to try. She's my sister. This is my only chance. It's this world's only chance." I looked him straight in the eyes. "You have to let me try."
    Suddenly, he stepped forward and hugged me, pulling me in close. He whispered in my ear, "I will come find you Sarah. No matter what happens, I will find a way." Then he turned and almost ran out of the room.
    I stared after him, my heart pounding. All of the sudden I felt like I knew myself for the first time. I knew the costs. I knew what I was losing! "Good bye Eric," I said softly to the empty room.
    I turned around, taking one last look at my room. I would miss Elyir. I loved the palace. I loved my gilded bedroom, with it's beauty and it's luxury. I loved the beautiful land, with it's amazing creatures. I loved the people I had met. I've never been good at good byes. For one moment I let myself imagine what it would be like to stay here forever. For one moment, I was happy. But it would never be. One way or another I would not be coming back.
    I turned to the wooden table in the corner. On top was a crystal goblet. I filled it with water from a pitcher standing next to it. Water from the dream well. I stared at my reflection in the water. Then I closed my eyes and downed the whole goblet.

    I woke up panicking. Everything was black! I felt like I was drowning! The blackness seemed to be pulling at me with icy tendrils, wrapping ribbons of darkness around me. I couldn't breath! I was going to die in this awful blackness without ever reaching Eldormin. I had once told Lauren I wasn't afraid of the dark. I was wrong. I was afraid of this dark. I seemed to be breathing the darkness into me, with every breath dragging myself closer and closer to death. I closed my eyes. The darkness was too deep, I couldn't see anything through it. Maybe with my eyes shut I could calm myself and think of something, anything that might help. I laid there for what felt like hours.The despair and cold gnawed at me. I could feel my very essence being eaten away at. Every dark thought I had ever had came back to my mind with frightening clarity. My mind was unraveling into nothing. My hands became colder and colder. Even with pain eating at every nerve, my hands were all I could think about. I summoned every bit of strength I had left and stuck them in the pockets of my robe. This is it. I can't hold on any longer. Somehow I knew that if I gave up, the darkness would finish it's job, but I was so tired.   
     I opened my eyes one last time. If I could see anything, I would keep fighting. If not...I had no hope left. At first, I could see nothing. I wanted to scream, but I wasn't sure I still had a mouth. I wasn't sure of anything anymore. Then, I saw a faint glow. Surely it couldn't be there. I must be imagining it. I almost laughed. There could be no light in this darkness. Still the light seemed to be there, and growing stronger. I looked down, and the right  pocket of my robe was glowing! In disbelief, I moved my hand around. I felt something, smooth and warm. I pulled it out. The locket! How could I have forgotten it! As I sat there staring at it, the light just kept growing and growing. The light beams seemed to be fighting the dark tendrils, and soon that mind numbing darkness was gone. I was all alone on a rock, holding the locket. I took a deep shuddering breath. Time to find my sister.


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