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Hi, I'm Kacey Gibbs.

I'm a witch, queen of Narnia, victor of the hunger games, and head mage of Artime.

I suffer from abibliophobia and have a sleeping disorder called reading.

You can find me lost in a good book. :)

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June 7, 2019


With reluctance I enter
This alternate world
Wishing for a dreamless sleep
Though once I am dreaming
My night's filled with pleasure
And although I won't remember
Details in the morning
I'll know how far-fetched 
My dreams were
For the craziest 
Most abnormal details
Are the ones I remember the best
No I won't remember what clothes I was wearing
Or how I had done my hair
But you can be sure I'll remember
The task I was doing
And where I was going
And the evil I faced
Before the slightest sound woke me up



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