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paddles #escapril

June 7, 2019


sunburnt red
raw skin glaring on white-toothed smiles
sat under striped white-red-white tarp
shiny lips from yellow rice
t-shirts swaying with the music
sipping on fresh brown iced tea
clear ice cubes spread on sunscreen-lathered noses

yellow paddles on yellow kayaks
in-out-in arms straining
looking out
an expanse of rippling blue and sliver flashes
flakes of green on undulating hills
under a white-hot sun
cotton clouds dotting pastel blue
cackling splashes of water on unfortunate victims
intermittent roars of laughter on orange doughnut buoys
cream-grey seashells pricking unprotected feet--
hopping on dijon mustard sand for relief
sunscreen mist wafting into noses
Day 9. Prompt: "focus on the colour".


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