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I'm an adventurous young girl. What's life without a bit of adventure? I love writing and dream about becoming a published author. I love the feeling of diving or writing a book and the adventures you go with the characters.

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Our Gain

June 6, 2019

Can you hear the lions roar
As the metal sinks into its skin?
The poachers trying to settle the score.
Even though the lion did no sin.
Even though the lion has cubs nearby
That she is was trying to protect
Can you hear them cry?
As the hunters start to inspect.
Can you hear the monkeys shout
As the trees get destroyed
Their is nothing they can do about
The empty void.
That used to be the rainforest.
That used to be their home.
Now burnt to ashes,
They are left roam.
Can you hear the elephants cry
As their tusks get shattered?
People will line up to buy
The remaining ivory scattered.
It once was a beautiful elephant
It once was whole
But the monsters were too arrogant
And took part of its soul.
Can you hear them roar, shout and cry?
The hurt we’re causing them.
Do you not realise that there terrified?
That we are the stem?
We did all of this
We caused them all this pain.
And soon we will miss
The nature that died for our gain.


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1 Comment
  • Mr. Colin E.

    Oh my god, this affects me so personally because I love elephants so dearly! I hate the ivory trade and what they do to these beautiful creatures! I love this environmental piece, great job!

    over 1 year ago