June 12, 2019

I discovered I wasn't behaving as expected. I should've been screaming, freaking out, scared, frightened, nervous specially after finding out that I'm a magii, that magic existed and I was kidnapped by someone called 'Dark lord'  but I was so calm. No tension, no freaking out, nothing. I was sitting calmly looking at the spooky environment outside and taking in the information. It was a lot to take in.

There must be some way to get out of these, there had to be. Suddenly it a thought crossed my head, 'we were powerful magiies, more powerful than anyone would be', she told it. And if we were most powerful then no power could stop us from getting away.

I asked her if we could get out of here by any means,like breaking the glass. But she said we can't, she tried to get out but it was of no use. I sighed. But I can try once there isn't any problem in trying. But I can't perform magic. Maybe I can learn from her.

"Can you teach me how to perform magic, please?" I requested. "Sure, I can," she said.
"It's easy since you have the magical power inside you. You just have to focus and think clearly of the person or thing in which you want to cast it and then mutter the spell. See its simple," she continued," If you want to break the glass the spell is 'Rethina'. Got it?" "Yes, thanks," I said to her and went in front of the glass wall.

Focus...'s easy can do it.
Focus....I closed my eyes and tried to focus.... then I tried to think of the glass wall which I wanted to break when I pictured it I chanted the spell 'Rethina'. Well I could sense something happening... I opened my eyes only to see the spell reflecting towards me. It was about to touch me but Cassie stopped it. " Sorry I forgot to tell you the spell to stop the spell reflecting towards you, it's 'Sylous',"she said, "see this doesn't work I tried it many times," she said sadly and sitting a corner.

Being disappointed I sat beside Cassie. I was sitting like that for some time I suddenly got an idea. We both are most powerful magiies, nothing happens when we cast magic separately, then the glass can resist our magic. But if we cast it together then maybe it won't be able to tolerate the magic.

I told Cassie the plan. She also seemed to like the idea. So we both decided to cast the spell Rethina to break the glass.
We chose a wall to cast the spell. Focus..I couldn't focus, so I closed my eyes and tried to focus when I could I heard her telling me to cast on the count of 3. 1...2...3, 'Rethina' we said and the glass broke.

The glass broke! I opened my eyes and saw that the glass wall around us was broken. I was too shocked to do anything but Cassie took a hold of me and started to run from there.

"Why are we running?" I asked. "Because we don't want them to catch us," she said," Well they will be coming to catch us any time. Run fast," she commanded and then muttered something. As soon as she did something appeared around the two of us. She saw the confused look on my face so she said," It's a shield, it will protect us for some moment but after it gets over once you can't cast it in next few minutes so we'll have to use the spells then," she said. "But I don't know any spells," I said. "But I can so I'll protect you," she said. And suddenly we saw some hooded men behind us.

They cast a spell towards us it was coming towards our direction but couldn't touch us rather it reflected. "Can't they see the shield?" I asked. "No, it's invisible," she said.

We were running while I felt some changes around me. Well it was the spell wearing out. The shield was gone and I could see those casting spells towards us. It was coming close to us ready to harm us anytime but Cassie blocked it. I let out a sigh which I was holding and saw Cassie sending some spells towards them. The fight was getting on my nerves. Every time the hooded-magiies would send a spell my I used to get scared, I would just look at the flares caused until Cassie blocked it. I would even forget to breathe at that time.

Sometime later we were surrounded by the hooded men whom the call the black-magiies. They were casting spells from everywhere. Cassie was trying to block a spell when someone from another direction cast a spell towards us which went unnoticed by Cassie. The flare caused by the spell was coming towards us. It was ready to hit me anytime and I was paralyzed. I couldn't move or ask Cassie for help all I could is see. I saw the flare almost hitting me.

I woke up with a jerk. My breathes were unsteady and my heartbeat increased. I was sitting for a few moments with my eyes closed and then looked around the room. I was in my room nothing happened. It was just a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare.
After sometime I laughed at the dream. It was so unreal, I mean magic doesn't exist so it's unreal but still felt real. I tried to remember the details and learning the spell scene came to my mind. What was it? Focus...think....cast. Lol. Let's try. I closed my eyes and focused thought of the vase which was in my table and 'Rethina'. Shit! The vase broke. Maybe due to the wind it fell and broke but the windows are closed so no wind is blowing. Means Magic is real. is real and I'm a magii?!



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