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Cat Lady (part 3)

June 5, 2019


    Sylvia unlocked the door. Almost immediately, a black cat darted forward. Lightning-quick, she reached out and grabbed Link before he could escape. “Silly cat,” she said, thanking her good reflexes. “Why’re you trying to escape?” He hissed as she closed the door, leaping down from her arms and dashing out of sight.
    She put down her keys and strode into the kitchen, where the big bag of cat food was right where it had been previously. Reaching for the stack of bowls, she lined them up in a neat line and poured a cup of food in all but Richard’s, which received about half a cup.
    The rattle of bowls brought most of the cats into the kitchen. She stepped back as they rushed towards the food, feeling a little overwhelmed. They mewed at each other in a way she’d never seen in cats. Almost, she thought, as if they were talking to each other.
    In her mind, she began to name them all. The big yellow cat, Rob, seemed to be the boss of all the rest, elbowing them out of the way to get to his bowl. Harvey wobbled into the kitchen and fell straight into his bowl. Richard, of course, tumbled off the stovetop and ran towards his bowl. He meowed loudly in protest at his small portion and glanced around to see if he could steal food from any of the others, but his size had slowed him down so that all the other cats had already finished.
    The others….she picked out Michael, orange and mustachioed as always, and guessed at three more...The siamese cat hissing at all the others she thought was probably Chad. The grey one and tiny striped one were Tony and Albert, respectively. She counted eight cats as Link pawed into the room, and remembered that the ninth, Paul, was supposed to be terribly shy. He was probably hiding somewhere in the house.
    Most of the cats had finished. Glancing around, Sylvia left the kitchen and walked down the hallway, towards the table covered by photos. She wanted to get another look at them-and just as she remembered, almost all of the pictures were of men.
    She picked up the photo at the forefront. The dark-haired man grinned up at her. Was he one of Imogene’s husbands?
    A meow came from her feet. Link stared up at her, his eyes glowing in the dimness of the hallway. Sylvia knelt down, still holding the photo. “What is it, Link?’
    He stretched out his paw towards the photo. “No, don’t touch that.” She put it back on the table, but he leapt up, meowing loudly, and tapped the photo with his paw over and over.
    “What’s wrong, crazy cat?” She frowned at him, hands on hips. He kept tapping the photo. “You’re going to break that,” she muttered, lifting him off the table. Link wriggled crazily in her arms, but Sylvia firmly put him down, flipping the photo face-down.
    “Are you done?” The cat paced back and forth before running away down the hall. She sighed and turned back to the photos. All together, there were nearly twenty crowded together on the table, some black and white, others in color. Imogene was in some of the the arms of a red-haired man with a mustache, and next to a thin, balding man, dressed for a wedding. The dark-haired man was in more of the pictures than any of the other men. One color photo, a close-up shot of his face, caught Sylvia’s eye. She picked it up and examined it.
This is part 3 of a continuous story...Go back into my portfolio for parts one and two! Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment or review.


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