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Ballad of Mud and Sea

June 4, 2019

PROMPT: Water Body

I’m all fresh broken lakeside water inside the thinness of a
Hot and sunburned skin
Brittle, fluid mud-baths
Woods and Frisbee, Friska, headache, brown
The banks purr and cling
A twig snaps, silence rings
at Midday.
Till you find that there’s
A trickle always going to the black and
Cobalt horizon down at
Where the salt will join the sky.
You skip that path with hardened soles
And heels cracked with sunny winds
- Crawl; games in the bushland flying
Further to the shore
and from the summer we left behind.
The rush!- of cloud and bitter throats
Roars at the edges of the
Picnics red and gold
They trace the reveries we held
Silent vigils beneath the Southern
Prayers of pearls and clams for
And always, through the gums
Fluid memory and the savage specimens bringing a glorious
Game to play;
Sweet crab lunches, laksa pipis
Sandy nose and freckled legs
Till we pad back to the lakeside
Lay down our heads under a sun that
Raged and
A trickle gleams behind the bark
Secret espionage signals from our
Younger days, though we are
Napping and for now, will never
Far off, the thunder booms and rests
Our breath rising, falling with the breeze
Eyelids soft and breath still furry with the
Taste of clam
And on the wind there
Runs a mermaid air.
Run, river; you run to the
Sea, and back again
at the sand.


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