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The Lost Ocean

June 7, 2019

Everything is blurry. For a second, you never know who or where you are. You don't know how you got in that bed, or how you got in those clothes. Then, everything is processed. You are in your room. The thing above you is the ceiling. The thing underneath you is the pillow and mattress. But where was I? As I rose from a heavy slumber I was aware of the coolness of the air and its loamy fragrance. My clothes feel as damp as a flower in the dew of the dawn. I half wonder if I'm still dreaming as I sit up to take in the shafts of light that burst through the gaps in the leaf canopy above. Now I'm awake, perhaps more fully awake than I've ever been. There are no paths around me and no sign of another person. As far as I can tell I am alone with the birds who make their carefree song around me, and in that sweet melody, I feel more alone. This bizarre nightmare was mine alone. 

The ship was as stuck as any beached whale. Its own tonnage drove it down into the sandbank that had saved the crew but killed the vessel. It listed to one side on its shifting foundation and the once bright blue painted metal was now orange with thick bubbling rust. I wondered how long I had passed out. The shipwreck seemed like it had happened just yesterday as I look at my chronometer I notice the date,8th July. I rub my eyes with my knuckles to process what I have just seen "8th July?" I ask out loud. Had I been asleep for a month? I try to get up ignoring the pain in my joints. My mouth is so dry that I feel I have eaten sand. My muscles were weak but somehow I drag myself to the shore. The warm water feels heavenly I think as I drink water from my cupped hands. As the sun burned my body to crisp, I could feel the saline tang of the sea in the air giving the beach a calming mood. Then for no reason, I hit myself."It can't be"," I am dead" with all these thoughts screaming in my mind I begin to recall what had happened on June 6th, the day of the shipwreck. My mom and dad were shouting "Kai!go to the west" that's all I could remember and then the massive deep black waves had devoured me in its evil grasp.

As I read my diary 2 years have passed, but it was not until now that I was sure of what my purpose was. I was destined to reach Blue Haven to save the ocean and hence the earth. Buy Aqua Diaries for good quality paper and save seaweed.

I sigh as I finish shooting for the day and Nerida being nice as always offers me a ride home. Nerida is quite the package
with her blue eyes just as clear as the Pacific ocean before humans polluted it. She was tall, slender, had blonde hair, high cheekbones and, a beautiful but pale red tail. She could be described as the typical barbie mermaid."I'm glad the shooting for today is done, these save the ocean stories are honestly repetitive and it's disgusting that no one takes any initiatives."I didn't know my purpose in life was to sell aqua paper I add in."Well someone's not in good mood" she pipes in. It's just that I'm tired of this and I want to do something more exciting, something I love."What do you love, writing?" she chuckles but that's when it hits me. I had wasted 2 years in an advertising agency trying to make my living while I could have been writing and blogging and grow independent but....who would offer me a job? After Nerida dropped me I forgot about writing and freshen up. As I start watching an episode of "Mermaids of Waverly Place", an add pops up. It says employment available for reporters and journalists. Mermaids who wish to apply were welcome to go to Waverly at High Tide 2 the following day. My eyes sparkle. It was like I was in a movie! I think to myself but then I notice my doom. The advertisements said "Mermaids" but I was a "half siren".Frustrated and tired I cry myself to sleep. The nightmares still come to me. My mother shouting "Kai get to Hull!" I love you I cry out to her and fling myself into the ocean to save her. I could hear her shouting "Nooo!" and Ethan comforting her by saying she's not gone. My body starts feeling damp first my hands and then my elbow suddenly my eyes snap open and I' sitting wide awake.2 years and these nightmares don't go away.

Ethan Jones, my best friend I think who had let me jump into the sea promising to come and get me, promising not to let me die. Every day for 2 years I called him a liar. With these painful memories stinging me I switch on my night lamp and hear a knock on my door. I wondered which sea being would be awake at this time when fishers were out hunting us. Who is it I ask? Your savior the voice replied. His voice was deep, whenever he spoke, every head in the room would turn. He had that rich, silky tone. He speaks as if he controls the world, his experience seeping through. I could remember his voice anytime anywhere. With my voice stuck in my throat, I open my door and there he was. Ethan had come.
This is the first story that I have written after brainstorming a lot. I am planning to continue writing this book based on the reviews I get so an honest opinion would be appreciated. :)


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