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oh yeah and btw, the war is still going. wink wink @CreativeAngel

10 things imma miss from ninth grade :')

June 3, 2019


1. Cross country, the people I met there, and everything it taught me 
2. Mr Joshua's alter ego (Dr. Jock Rock)
3. Stealing door handles with Kelsey
4. Smashing a wooden bridge over Hugh's head
5. LaCcRoSsE BaLLs
6. Winter break (the real tea)
7. A days :P
8. Going to Laiba's tech ed class every B day (I'm practically one of the students)
9. My first year of track with Vece the sloth
10. Tennis with Ngun and definitely beating Hugh and Antony ;)
honestly, I didn't think I would be this sad for school to be over.. but here I am :')


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