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Are Video Games Too Violent?

March 28, 2016


Are video games too violent for kids? As someone who games a bit in the game Destiny, A  sci-fi shooter t game, this topic is something I’ve had a bit of experience with. Even as a gamer, I do think video games can be too violent. I’ll get into why now.
    First off, video games have effects on  your attitude. They can make you aggressive, and likely for violence.  Video games are violent.. As a person who personally gets a thrill when I hit a sniper headshot, I would say that they can affect you. Here’s a quote:  There are warning signs that children may have gone too far in playing violent video games, Murphy said. The signs include: behavior about game play that seems addictive or compulsive; reduced contact with family or friends; and changes in behavior, eating and sleeping, and school habits.” This shows they affect you negatively.
Moving on, video games don’t cause small things in demeanor, they lead to big acts like murder or rape. The influence from games is too much, and causes people to do things. Here’s a quote: “They were gunned down by 18-year-old Devin Moore, who had played Grand Theft Auto day and night for months. He bought it as a minor. He played it hundreds of hours, which is primarily a cop-killing game. It's our theory, which we think we can prove to a jury in Alabama, that, but for the video-game training, he would not have done what he did.” This shows how dangerous this is.
All in all,  I think what should happen with video games is that their should be safety settings on the games that can put on with a passcode. The argument made by the other side in the article “11,000 kid study finds that video games aren't that bad after all.” They argue that it doesn’t have a big effect, and how TV might be more harmful than video games. Here’s a quote: “TV is generally thought of as more harmless than video games when it comes to the emotional health of kids but the Glasgow study found that "watching TV for 3 h or more daily at 5 years predicted increasing conduct problems between the ages of 5 years and 7 years." No corollary effect was found with video games,” This shows that while it might be worse, it's for a younger age and it still causes problems in behavior and demeanor. All in all, then being more violent is a much more compelling option.
Are video games too violent? Yes. But can they be fixed? Yes. The things that videogames cause are too severe. All in all, it should be fixed immediately.



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