Maia armistead1


New Zealand

I tell the story
Of a girl who lives
In the mind of an old man
200 years before my time
All because I read
Four pages of a leather-bound book
In the back corner of a library
When I wanted a place to
Escape to


April 5, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

The room was dripping with the scent
of red lipstick and satin,
and figures waltzed
through the cigarette smog.

She suited the harshness.
The synthetic tones of darkness
tainted by the urban glow,
and light through champagne glasses.

This place was far from home.
It was loud, and the floor where she stood
was littered with the aftermath of human nature.
Destruction. And life.

She was the rose 
that refused to be strangled
by the weeds that grew there.
She was. No more.


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