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Prologue - Soltuunli

By: LittleWolf


We were young and innocent once. We didn’t know how to use knives or guns or any weapon at all really, no weapon except for ignorance. Ignorance kept us from the wars that we could see from our windows, it kept us safe from fear and hopelessness, even as we grew up hiding and we thought it was all a game, a game our parents carefully kept intact for years. When we looked outside, we didn’t see the change from forests of trees to barren deserts of windblown sand and rock. We were children. We didn’t notice things like that. We weren’t supposed to.

However, everyone grows up to realise that their childhood was just a pretty picture described by parents. The parents that know that one day the real world will catch up with their beloved children, no matter how hard they try. That us, the children, will find out. But we find out and we cope with it until the parents are ready to let go. We are condemned to still be young, but we will never be so ignorant again in our lives.

We hide the fact that we know about the real world and its dangers, not for our sakes, but for the sakes of our parents or at least their sanity. We know that we have sacrificed our childhoods and we know that we will sacrifice more in our lifetimes, whether our lives are destined to be long or short. Most of us will teach ourselves how to fight or how to run. We will be fuelled by fear and the instinct to survive, to get through everything no matter what the cost. The older children will help us train because they have already gone through it all.

At a young age, we all figure out how to make sacrifices. How to decide what will keep us alive and what to forget, even when it hurts to do so. In the beginning, we will make the wrong choices and face the consequences for it. Then we will learn from our mistakes and get stronger until we stop making mistakes or at least learn to prepare for them.

By this time, either our parents will have let go of our childhoods and have started to help us train or we will talk and show them that we are already training for war. Most of the time the younger children will ask the help of the older children to have moral support when they tell their parents. We all act as if we are a giant community of child warriors. Maybe we already are.

This is how we grow up in my culture. We are one of the forgotten races, which have lived on this Earth for tens of thousands of years. There are five forgotten races; us, the Draecor, and then there are the Auramian, the Argitem and the Lycanthrains. There is another race, the Tenabrum, but we don’t speak of them. They were the ones that pushed us into the shadows. Into near extinction and poverty.

They are the monsters and villains told in the old wives tales whispered to us by the Elders. About how they went to war with the ‘Enlightened’, how they slaughtered millions and caused destruction that has left deep voids in the history of all our races. We hear of their almost mythical powers over the shadows, the powers that allow them to travel through solid darkness. Of course, as Draecor we have our own ‘abilities’. It is said that the true ruler of our race can turn into anything they want to.

But those are just stories, told to us as children and we had the real world to worry about. We should have learnt by then that ignorance always has consequences, but we were still young enough to make mistakes. We still are so young. Way too young to fight in wars against a people whom we have never met, and probably never will.

So much has changed that we don’t remember what it was like to not be fighting every moment of our lives. We don’t remember the dappled shadows of trees, the soft bounce of grass or the sound of those small creatures that can fly, I think that the Elders called them birds. Damn, I wasn’t supposed to use the first person. Ah well, too late now, all I can hope for is that these records make their way into the hands of someone that will understand their importance.
Slay the War.

Nurture the Peace.

Keep Us Alive.
Korentum Alsopeium Kaztum Maato 

This is part of what I am calling the Soltuuli Project and it is one part of a larger set of pieces.
Also in the language of the Draecor (the protag's race), Korentum Alsopeium Kaztum Maato, which is a Draecoran battle chant, means:
"We rise like the sun, we fall as we lived"

Peer Review

I liked how it wasn't super long, but in the shortness, it also made complete sense.

I don't know for if in this chapter there would need to be any other pieces of information to know.

Reviewer Comments

It's a good piece of writing, can't wait for the next installment of it.