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13 & scared

By: Cebp901


 I am a 13 year old female that is worried for my future. You may call me an 'over thinker' or perhaps tell me that I shouldn't spend my valuable time worrying- but here I am , sat in my room worrying. Since Donald Trump is set to arrive in the UK soon I feel it necessary to voice my concerns. Not only is he a threat to the LGBTQ+ community, but he is failing to accept climate change as a real threat to the planet. I have brought forward the LGBTQ+ community as it's a topic close to my heart. Recently, I've read about him discriminating against trans members of society and honestly, I fear for their future more than mine; and that, of course, is saying something BIG. Why must Mr. Trump feel the need to exclude such a vibrant part of our fruitful community ? Why must he fail his country to this extent ? He is a real danger to the world and currently, my health too. Trans rights! #transpeoplearepeople 

Peer Review

I like this because it raises facts about a really important issue that needs to be solved.

I would like to know more about what should change and how the trans and LGBTQ+ community is being affected. I also accept that this may be just an introduction and it doesn't needs all this information.

Reviewer Comments

I find this a really good thing to talk about because not enough people are talking about these rights. Its also good to hear from the younger generation, especially someone the same age as me who I can relate to, because after all it is our future.