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Writing is an outlet of dreams, hopes, fears, and anger. No one piece is quite the same and every letter is worth all the frustrations. I love writing I don't think I could ever bring myself to stop.

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Never throw your work away. Every word is valuable.


April 29, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

As the sun rose, above the clouds,
I stepped back, way back in time,
to a quaint little place, a town of old,
a town much different than mine.

The women there wore fanciful lace,
they could not help but stop and stare,
their stern looks cast upon me,
the girl in jeans with long brown hair. 

Horses roamed the muddy streets,
no cars or trucks were found,
the stench was unbelievable,
and the waste, piled in mounds!

One thing, though, was the same,
and it remains to haunt me still,
the people there were a varied lot,
some were happy and some were ill.

There were beggars and there were givers,
sinners as well as saints,
and once I saw this town's true colors,
it didn't seem so quaint.

So if you, by chance, go back in time,
expecting some great exchange,
don't be surprised if the place you find,
is a place without much change.


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