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My name is James Thomas, and I have been writing since about 6th grade. I enjoy writing, reading, and drawing, and I am looking to get myself officially published.

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Werewolves and Lycans are perhaps even more mysterious than Vampires. Unfortunately, the writer's knowledge of Werewolves and such is very slim, so if there is anyone out there with any additional information, please feel free to send it to the following address, as it would be greatly appreciated : jamesshowers367@yahoo.com

The Life of a Werewolf

March 28, 2016


   Werewolves are just as old as Vampires, and just as mysterious. 

   No one knows the origins of the Werewolf,and the story varies from person to person. Some would say that the Werewolf began as a tribal warrior (as seen in the Twilight Saga). Others would say that the first Werewolf came about as the result of eating the meat of a wolf combined with that of a human (we have the ancient Greeks to thank for that one). Another legend claims one must be bitten in order to change. This tends to be the popular view at the moment.

    Before anything else is said, a little matter needs to be cleared up first. Many, when asked, will say that Werewolves and Lycans are two different creatures. This, however, is not true. Both Lycans and Werewolves are humans that can take on the form of a large wolf. A Lycan is simply a more advanced species. Beyond this key factor, the differences are rather slim. So, what differences (or lack thereof) exist between the two creatures?  Take a look.
    The first of the two creatures is the Werewolf. This is a creature that is entirely human, and yet entirely wolf. Unlike the Lycan (which will be discussed shortly), the Werewolf can not completely control his or her transformation, being forced to change at every full moon. Werewolves are the sworn enemies of Vampires, something that almost everyone will agree with. In fact it is very rare, though not entirely uncommon, to find the two as friends, since the two are almost always at each other's throats, often times literally. But enough about that. Both types of wolves are stunning in appearance, but it is the females of the species that tend to be the ones to be aware of, because far too often a gorgeous model turns out to be a Werewolf, often leading to complications in the newest relationship. Not to mention age. See, Werewolves are generally thought to be immortal, which kinda makes them a pain in the butt to kill (pardon my French). The safest thing to do when crossing paths with a Werewolf (by the way, what kind of idiot does that anyway?) is to hope the Werewolf doesn't see you. If he does, and you are unarmed, then you can only pray that the animal is merciful. However, this is not likely to be the scenario, so, best of luck to you. Hope you have a will written already, because you'll be needing it.
    The "other" animal is the Lycan.  As previously mentioned, a Lycan is nothing more than a glorified Werewolf. The Lycan is more advanced in the fact that it is much harder to kill and it can change whenever it feels like it, regardless of a full moon. Like their weaker counterparts, Lycans have been known to be killed by only one of four things : (1) Silver Bullets. Believe it or not, this common myth has truth behind it, for silver is to a Werewolf/Lycan what Mercury is to a human. Just get a little Mercury in your bloodstream, and you can pretty much imagine what it is like for a Werewolf. (2) A Vampire's bite. This is a bit harder, as a Vampire must get close enough to sink his or her teeth into the Werewolf's vital areas without being attacked themselves. (3) Another Werewolf. This usually happens if a pack is no longer pleased with one of their own, or if they are attacking an enemy pack. (4) Wolfsbane. This is a purple plant, usually 1m tall, that is rather poisonous.
    As far as family goes, the Werewolf and Lycans follow the same order as any normal wolf. The pack is always led by an Alpha and his mate. This is then followed by the Beta (second-in-command); Sentinels (guards of the tribe); Elders (responsible for new Werewolves); Hunters; and Healers. Rogue Werewolves and Lycans, who don't belong to any pack, also exist. One last note on Werewolves and Lycans; both usually have heightened senses, and seem to draw humans in with a kind of pheromone, and once he or she changes, the creature runs the risk of having the animal within take complete control.

This piece is written in reply to a request received by callmearia, from Canada. I hope that I have answered all your questions.


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