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a forgotten sun.

March 27, 2016

PROMPT: Time Traveler

the sun set in the horizon, it's rays, the only light in a sea of black
the children gathered their sticks and stones, walked homeward
basking in the day's foils, their sweat stroked, dark  skins
reflecting the light of the setting sun, stomachs growling.

and when they reached home, they're hands washed
a plate of happiness awaited their plunder
and when darkness crept in, and mother tucked them in
the nightmares resided, dreams awakened.

they laughed, then ran, they cried, then lay
in a beautiful bed of grass until it dawned
a nightmare so terrible, they were forced to return
to a world so organized, yet lacking in passion.

and now, they sit,  behind huge machines
complicated numbers flowing out of trained heads
reading off huge books and heart yearning again
for the happiness they had found in the  grass bed terrain

and now, we sit, our arms folded
muscles pained from the fairy lights
fake and consuming, the power which drives a country
filled with haunting ghosts, of jealousy, greed and overcomed weakness.

the time has gone for small streams to excite us
of merry go rounds and candy sticks at the carnival
now, we struggle under a cruel eye, earning a meager day's meal
hearts tearing with misery, for love from a motherly hand.

days have gone, worlds have changed
lights have gone too numb, the sun forgotten in its horizon
drowning in the pretty seas of the west, while we work
under white tubes of electricity, night forging into day.
let's live, a whisper, never heard, from deep within the heart.
let's not, the mind controls. and dawn tuns to dusk again.


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