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By: inslupbanana


Seems ridiculous when you think about it
A teenager can't experience nostalgia
We've barely lived our lives
So much left to see

Yet we cling to that we can look back on
Wild times, scraped knees, tall trees
Didn't give a damn what anyone thought
Brave enough to face a world 
We didn't understand

Now we're broken
Stuck somewhere in between

Those carefree days we want back
The future we could never have
False hope so soon lifted
Humanity in a world impossible to live in

Peer Review

i liked the unusual subject of this poem itself, because as you say yourself, “Seems ridiculous when you think about it/a teenager can’t experience nostalgia”. i thought so too, but then as i read onward you managed to turn my expectations on its head and explain what really is teenage nostalgia quite elegantly. i also liked the way the first and third stanza ended with rhyming words, theoretically/perpetually and give a sort of abrupt sense of endings to the stanza which allows the writer to really put forth the end of their childhood which we can look back on.

i think this is pretty good so far, so no further details are necessary!

Reviewer Comments

i enjoyed reading this piece! keep up the good work!