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Sam Danquah

United States


March 27, 2016

    Psychedelics are the most misunderstood drugs in America today, to those who lack the knowledge, and the benefits of its wonderful properties. And i use the term (medicine) because it is a natural medicine to ones mental health, spiritual development and ones self awareness. In the united states, psychedelics are categorized as a schedule 1 controlled drug which is quite absurd. I often ask myself, why such medicines are banned, while in ancient times these medicines were considered a way to connect to the divine, to break free from ones old self and to gain understanding of ones world. And why is it scheduled a substance 1 drug if it has no harm to a person. And why is our government trying to ban all things that helps us really see how reality work.

       Can it be that our government is trying to ban these medicines to further generate money from us and to keep us from attaining enlightenment. They ban these medicines but yet, alcohol, cigarettes, gmo, and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs are all perfectly legal. And why is that?  gmo  makes us weaker, fatter, and less immune to diseases which leads us to hospitals that care less about our well beings.we all know what alcohol does and the fatalities it creates, yet we turn a blind eye to these things and focus on stupid things.we fall for there games and are led ashtray, we are like sheep being sent to the slaughter house. puppets controlled by our masters.
     Many studies have proven the benefits of psychedelics such as mushrooms and Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is known to treat addictions and many forms of trauma that hinders a person to live his/her life fully. These medicines are proven to deepen ones understanding of the world and environment. 
     In conclusion am only insisting that anyone reading this will take this topic into consideration and perhaps question things and be more open minded. 


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