Bianca Singelstad

United States

I am a simple girl with dreams, ambitions, and a world of her own inside her head. I love to write and share my creative thoughts with other people and to motivate them through my words.

remember me

June 1, 2019


as i drift away,
into the morning sun
i ask you only one thing.
i ask you to
remember me
for what i have done
remember me
for the love i gave you.
remember my voice
for the gentle words i spoke
remember my eyes
which looked at you with love. 
remember me.

when you look into the sky
hear my voice
and see my eyes
which watch over you.
i am there
when times are hard
and when you cry
i touch your arm. 
i know its not the same
and i understand your pain
but i ask you to
remember me. 
share my stories
share the lesson i learned
and let them heal you.
for i will never leave you.



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  • The Bubbling Pen

    Awweeee I really love this piece! I can feel the protagonist's emotion and there is a bittersweet atmosphere <3

    5 months ago
  • RachelMarie

    This is such a beautiful, well written poem! It flowed very smoothly. Great work! :)

    5 months ago