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Message to Readers

Maybe it's time to see what we left behind, my friends, the lost words in the forest are coming for us in the night, as dreams. Dreams are the only difference between us and the Void, for the Void can't tell the difference. Forgive me, my darkness, but you know not reality, continue this trek through the shadows.

Science and Poetry

June 1, 2019

They say,
The scientists, I mean,
That energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
Just transferred into other forms.
So I have reason to believe
That the air is full of words
Still traveling,
From destinations unknown to here,
So much we can't hear,
Because the sound waves move so far from each others,
So low of a sound,
The hairs in our ears don't move.
But biology is unpredictable,
Just because our ears can't hear
Doesn't mean nothing else in our body can.
The problem
Is that even if you build a cell,
Atom by atom,
Protein by Protein,
It still won't work.
They say,
The people, I mean,
That those are souls, energies, the Breath of God,
So they have reason to believe in something bigger,
But I believe the air is full of words,
And ideas are just arrangement of all the words hitting our bodies at any given moment
The energy is transferred.
The cycle is completed.
But we still don't understand.

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