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incorporate music #escapril

By: nezi_nes


worship music carries a certain stigma
cheesy, seemingly sloppy lyrics in adoration
of what some might call an imaginary entity

i for one, used to detest the monotony and predictability
of its “simple” love songs
made only by deluded fabricators

but when i listen
i hear
i feel
i remember
my life
and his grace

long silent struggles
grapples and tugs this way that way
is this real how can it be
challenge after challenge i am relentless
and breathless prayers

times where i say this is it there cannot not be a god
times where i bite back this does not make sense at all

yet i come back to the worship incorporate
surrender all
through songs he speaks
i want to dance
and move 
and cry
in adoration of not just my saviour
but the god that loves all 
and no exceptions

the battle is far from over
but the spirit in me does not give up
and neither does he

Day 3.

Message to Readers

This is one of my more personal pieces. If anyone else is going through struggles in faith, I feel you. Also welcome to chat even if you don't struggle or associate with Christianity/faith :)

Peer Review

You pulled me in with the word "stigma," because I think a lot of people see worship music in that way. As I read on, though, I was surprised to see that this wasn't your perspective, which made me even more interested in what you had to say. I also empathize with the "long silent struggles/ grapples and tugs this way that way".

I really don't like this question because all the pieces I've been reviewing lately are so good that I can't think of anything that could be added! I think your poem is great as is--well-rounded, empathetic, and real.

Reviewer Comments

I know what the struggle feels like, and I'm really thankful that you shared this piece. It's amazing that there's a God we can always go back to, even when we have periods of doubt.
Great poem!