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I have also written this story as a poem, go check that out! It has the same title (I suck at thinking of good titles for my pieces :/ )

I Had Promised Her

June 1, 2019


I sink to my knees. I can no longer do this. I just cannot. All around me, I see blurs of khaki, firing machine guns, fighting until Death beckons them. But I can no longer do this. Every inch of my body aches. I long for Death to take me into her arms and rock me to eternal sleep.  

I think of home; of the smell of the freshly ploughed cornfields, of the peace of the countryside.  

I think of Ellie.  

Her honey coloured hair, fluttering in the breeze. Her beautiful eyes, warm and brown. Her smile, enough to light up my day. Her clear, ringing laughter.  

I think of those days—working at the farm throughout the day, and then going for walks along the winding country roads, hand in hand with Ellie. The movies we saw at the cinema, followed, always, by ice cream at Billy’s. The countless evenings we spent by the river, surrounded by tall grasses, the occasional dragonfly fluttering by.  

I yearn to return to my home, to my Ellie. I yearn to return to that peace.  

“I know that you’ll give your best,” she had said, taking my hand. The setting sun had dyed the whole sky in shades of red and orange, and Ellie seemed to glow in the warm hue, looking like a goddess. A faint breeze blew, making small waves appear in the river. A dragonfly settled on her hand, flying away when Ellie reached out to touch it.  

That was the last time I had seen her.  

“I know that you’ll give your best,” she had said. I had promised her that I would. I had promised.  

I wanted to fly into the void, just like a dragonfly, but I had promised her.  

I get into position, but just before I fire,  a hand grenade lands right next to me.  

I hear Ellie's laughter just behind me, but when I turn, all I see is Darkness.  

I had promised her, but alas, I couldn’t fulfil it.


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  • Wicked!

    @Juliana wow, that is a beautiful thought! Thanks though :)

    about 2 months ago
  • Juliana

    Here's a though: he promises that he'll give his best. Maybe he did fulfill his promise. Maybe that was the best that he could do.

    about 2 months ago
  • Wicked!

    Thank you so much @LyraLynne :)

    3 months ago
  • LyraLynne

    This is so beautifully written and sad. I teared up reading this. Incredible job!

    3 months ago