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I love to write, read, and do basically anything artsy. Junior in high school, and I’m just trying to figure out the world through words, as much as I can.

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race to the trash can

June 1, 2019


I like to separate tea bag from tea cup long after the tea is cold and forgotten, and as far as possible from the trash can. I like to see how far I can go without the inevitable drip, drop, slop onto the tile floor, the floor Momma wants to replace with wood. It started out with the tea cup just on the other end of the kitchen counter. But once, fifteen minutes past midnight, I made it all the way from the living room to the kitchen to the sink to the trash can. It's okay if the tea bag drips into the sink, that's like fourth base. And sometimes, if the occasional splatter hops onto the floor next to the fridge, I can say it was Alex who just kicked the ice under the fridge instead of picking it up, he always does that. Always, of course, I do this when nobody's watching. Fifteen minutes past midnight. After the TV's flicked off, and Alex has retreated to his room. When I asked a mountain man, who’s building himself a house out of boulders, how he did it, he told me he moved all those boulders when nobody was looking. I've yet to try carrying the teabag all the way down from my room. But I think I’m nearly ready to. It doesn't matter that when I separate the tea bag from tea cup, I've got twice the trip to make to the kitchen (Momma hates when I leave mugs around the house). I do it when nobody's watching, anyhow. And I've got all the time in the world when nobody’s watching.


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