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so i decided to actually write something that isnt a poem

By: jengelman


This is how you get through a normal weekday. One, wake at 4:15am. Sleep until the 5am alarm, if you can. If you cannot, tug the curtain sills into the corner of your room. Sit for 3 minutes, immersing yourself in nature’s rhythm. Notice how the brightness of every star is dulled by its neighbour, recognise how small each star is in comparison. Two, brush your teeth in a 3:1 tooth-brush to water ratio. As you stare at yourself, through broken fragments of your mirror and toothpaste stains of last night’s dinner, picture who you will become tomorrow. Perhaps it will be better. Most likely it will not. Three. Drag your porcelain body against the carpet, until you reach the table stone. It is 4:22. If you spent too long staring into the mirror it might be 4:23. Drink Milo. Pour 80mL of milk against 20g of milo, and sprinkle mint leaves on top. Do not mix them, but rather let it sit for 40 seconds. As you hold onto the mug, do not forget that it is a regular Tuesday, and a regular Tuesday means that you have three more days of sinking. Open a packet of Paper Mate Ink Joy felt-tip pens, mark an eighth graders paper. Do not forget to drink your milo.

Peer Review

i was absolutely stunned by how much vivid description you managed to insert into such a mundane sounding instruction manual for how to get through the day. this is also actually a really good representation of depression? (i’m not too sure i don’t have it so i can’t say for certain) in that it requires actual effort for the narrator to get through the day so much so that they have to make a legit instruction manual for that?

absolutely nothing this was absolutely gorgeous

Reviewer Comments

hands down one of my favourite pieces on this platform. so elegantly written and i loved the plot twist at the end to show how this was a teacher that felt this. so beautifully portrayed and i adore this so so much. thank you for brightening my day (ironically) with this gorgeously pessimistic piece