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Hey! My name is Faith and I'm 16. Writing has been my passion since I was 8, and I hope you guys enjoy the stories I publish (:

Message to Readers

I honestly have no clue what inspired this lol. I was just listening to music so here ya go if you wanna read.
Have a good day/night/whatever and feedback is appreciated, as always :)

broken judgement

May 31, 2019



The grass seemed greener every time we went somewhere new. The plane rides and train tickets piled up, miles traded for fuel and sorrows for beers. Majestic oceans, cheap motels. Our aesthetic was tragically beautiful and no one ever seemed to care enough to stop us. We were just living while we could, a blissful ignorance blanketing our senses as the liquor softened the blow of past mistakes. We were in love with the idea of happiness, scouring the country for any last bit of hope to support our ignorance of thinking we had a future together. Kids, white picket fenced house, steady jobs. We were told the world was ours and believed each lie fed. They say love is blinding but we hadn’t a clue what we were, what we should’ve been, what we could’ve and wished we would have turned into as time went on.
Heroin and oxy and fairy lights and loud friends. Beer pong, sunken couches, sad eyes, happy smiles. Illusions dancing in the sky as the voices of strangers and familiars blended together into a warm, unsettling mix. A soup of false safety nets, drowning us. We thought we were floating but the current was sucking us in, no lifeguard on duty. Hoarse voices sang the songs of mourning, but in our ears, it was the sweet sounds of surrendering to the pain. We went to party after party after party, strange backyards, friendly people, a map with too many lines drawn to remember where we began and where we had ended up.
Drunken sailors, drunken souls, drunken judgement. Bad timing, hazy glances, empty bottles. We no longer knew the difference between right and wrong as hours passed, happy to not be feeling anything and becoming close with people who would only do us harm.
Messed up heads, short cash, full hearts. We thought it was funny how the universe worked, and everyone seemed to agree.


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