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For my Bestie CreativeAngel <3

May 31, 2019


This poem goes out to an angel, 
One who is sweet and kind 
Who flips her hair so beautifully
And always speaks her mind.  

This angel is the rhyme queen-
Her words flow like water;
She has the biggest eyes
And is as cute as an otter.

But this angel does have one flaw;
She doesn't realize her true intelligence
(She may be smarter than us all).

CreativeAngel is her name; 
Perfection is her claim
She is the amazingest- 
Everyone else would say the same

get ready for some spam of the most perfect person ever... @CreativeAngel it's on


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1 Comment
  • CreativeAngel

    Oh it’s on, i can’t be smarter but I can be sweeter

    over 1 year ago