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-Your mostly friendly aspiring author who is literally just getting by in life by writing.
-One of my favorite words is "petrichor."
-Wattpad/Instagram/Archive Of Our Own/TikTok: @ashdeanmanns

Message from Writer

-I'm Marvel trash, and I'm honestly okay with it. Bucky Barnes owns me.
-I highly recommend any Cassandra Clare book. She will make and break your life.
-I am *a little* obsessed with Supernatural. I may have written some Destiel fanfiction. (SEASON 15 SUCKS)(we're on 15, right?)
-Everything Kevin Kantor has written is amazing, and no one can tell me otherwise.
- Stories are so much more than words thrown on paper or codes in a computer--they are places to visit and people to meet.
-Really bad at social media.
-I drew the drawings that I usually have as my profile picture.
-I'm making up a poetry book to publish!

Give Them A Name

May 31, 2019


The man who was once a father opened his eyes. He was not prepared for the world to have changed.

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