Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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dying weeds

By: cakesofwrath

PROMPT: Quartet

The hair on his chin lay like dying weeds, though not for lack of trying, and he rubbed his palm across it as he slumped in the dying light and waited.

Message to Readers

word choice?

Peer Review

"...though not for lack of trying..." This brought a feeling that he's trying in life, though he may feel it as vain.

What is he, in the dying light, waiting for? That really gave a sense of mysterious sadness and hope that gave the character a sweet and textured demeanor.

Reviewer Comments

I really like your intake on the prompt, "Quartet"! With these four short details, you managed to create a life-springing character, and paint a fantastic picture of him!
Great job!