Peer Review by Hanan Adi (Germany)

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dying weeds

By: cakesofwrath

PROMPT: Quartet

The hair on his chin lay like dying weeds, though not for lack of trying, and he rubbed his palm across it as he slumped in the dying light and waited.

Message to Readers

word choice?

Peer Review

The fact that he "slump[s] in the dying light and wait[s]" is most revealing. He sounds like an old, weatherworn man, expecting his end to come after a long and/or wearying life.

My interpretation of this description is that an old farmer is weary and expects to die soon. I would like to know more certainly what has made him so weary or what he actually has accomplished/experienced.

Reviewer Comments

Good description, friend! You create a really vivid image here. I like!

I don't know how close my interpretation comes to your intention, but art is often ambiguous, depending on one's perspective. Nonetheless, if you wonder how I imagine your character as a farmer waiting to die, I shall gladly provide an explanation. As for word choice, I have commented in highlights.

All in all, this piece is great. Thank you for sharing it! and good luck on your future efforts, my friend.