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No Good Solider

By: Lois Sherwood


No good solider ever comes back from duty without battle wounds
No carefree kid playing in the garden comes back jnside clean 
No wise man has ever not lost his wisdom at some point
No brave warrior has not met with fear itself
No one at home has never strayed

Every broken heart can be healed through love
Every lost soul can be found through persistence 
Every voice has the power to move mountains
Every cold heart can be warmed
Every arrogant soul will be warned
Everyone can achieve greatness
Everyone can find inner peace
Everyone can learn to change whether good or bad
Everyone can find hope no matter the past they've had
No good solider comes back without battle scars
Every loved book has one of two tears
So be a good person
Go on
Don't be scared

Peer Review

Your first line caught me, I was curious what the message/story of this was going to be. Then The message caught me. I love this reminder that we can all change, there is always hope!

I might add a couple more lines to the first part just to really emphasize it.

Reviewer Comments

I really enjoyed reading this! Keep writing!