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By: EmB

PROMPT: Open Prompt

There are so many words in the Wnglish language. Words that bring hearts together, words that break hearts apart. Being a master of words is often associated with being a conman, using your words to entrance other people but being a master of words isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it lets you be open about your feelings and lives. You’ll never be at a loss for words and tongue tied will be the one word never used to describe you. But words mean more than just a way of communication, they promise our deep and darkest fears, they help us follow our dreams. So why in an age when you can send words at the press of a keyboard have they suddenly been reduced to harassing people based on whether they have 100 instagram followers or 10000. Why in this age are words used to send comments that can hurt forever. Words like ‘Ugly, fat, stupid, lazy’ . Why in this age is it that all that matters is whether you are seen or not by hundreds of strangers on social media. But the words themselves have not decreased in value or meaning, but we seem to think that they don’t matter, that if we say them as an off comment they won’t be felt. Words can hurt more than any sticks and stones but the people saying them have the armour of their laptop. No one has the right to use the words of your dreams and turn them into daggers.

Thanks for reading my first piece, it’s quite short and blunt but it’s something i really feel passionate about

Peer Review

I would tell them that I read a little paragraph about the power of words.

I think the subject really gives this piece strength, and the passion it was written with. Even before I read your note at the bottom I could really tell that you cared about what you were writing about.

I don't understand when you say "they promise our deep and darkest fears" what are you trying to say here?

Reviewer Comments

This was a great first piece! Simple yet powerful. Good luck with your writing!